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2014 Season 18 ‘Bachelor’ Finale Spoilers Juan Pablo Update: Rejects Contestants; Andi Next ‘Bachelorette’?

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Feb 28, 2014 06:51 PM EST | Shane Jordan (

2014's Season 18 of the Bachelor will forever be known as the year where the lead was rejected almost as many time as the contestants. Word has it that Juan Pablo was a little shaken up by Andi's tongue lashing and swift departure. Spoiler Update: Galavis isn't really interested in the two girls at the finale and is reportedly going to dump them both. Proving it is always better to be the dumper than the dumpee, rumor has it that Andi is going to be next season's Bachelorette, and show insensitive Juan Pablo how it's done.

Juan Pablo shot at seducing Andi Dorfman by recanting all his sexy moments with the other contestants, as well as reminding her that he almost sent her home, did not go as well as he would have seemingly liked.

On her last appearance on the show, Andi let Juan Pablo know all the reasons she wasn't choosing him, instead of the other way around (via Fox):

"I realized that I wasn't in love with you and that I wasn't going to be.

"Do you think [the overnight] went well? When you tell me you already had an overnight with Clare, do you think that's offensive?

"Do I appreciate honesty? Absolutely. Do I think you take it too far? Absolutely. Do you not see there's a difference between being an a**hole and being honest?"

Though Juan brushed it off in his stoic ladies' man way at the time, an insider on the show told Life & Style that the whole situation has him second guessing everything:

"[Juan Pablo] was definitely thrown through a loop after Andi left.

This is a guy that had to deal with two of his favorite girls, Sharleen Joynt and Andi, turning the tables on him this season...He's supposed to be doing the choosing."

And if you are expecting the same kind of magical moments shared by last year's Bachelor Sean and his now wife Catherine, you shouldn't.

The insider tells Life & Style that the producer, America and the remaining ladies might want that proposal, but Juan Pablo definitely does not:

"All viewers want to see is a proposal. The show would certainly try to convince him to make in official if they could.

"[But] He's not desperate to get married- -and that means that he certainly doesn't want to propose."

At the very least let's hope the producers invite Andi to the After the Final Rose special to especially ream Galavis out again if he backs out on all his "new mommy for baby" bull mess.

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