Lance Bass and Fiancé Michael Turchin News: Fight Anti-Gay Laws; Defends Lisa Vanderpump

By Shane Jordan on Mar 01, 2014 06:56 PM EST

Lance Bass and fiancé Micheal Turchin hates to see anyone bullied. That is why Lance is using his public profile to fight anti-gay laws and governors in Mississippi, as well as defending friend Lisa Vanderpump from housewife slander.

Lance Bass has been a gay activist since the moment the former 'NSync member came out of the closet and announced that he was gay to the world.

So true to form, the certified cosmonaut let it be known that he thought his home state of Mississippi's legislature had gone astray in passing Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which allows people to discriminate against homosexuals on religious grounds.

Bass urged the state's Governor Phil Bryant via Twitter to follow Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and veto the law before it can harm anyone:

"The whole world is watching Governor @PhilBryantMS - what side of history will you be on when my children study their MS history?"

Knowing that the discussion couldn't be limited to 160 characters, Bass formed a more eloquent argument that was disseminated through an email to the Human Rights Campaign members and supporters Thursday (via Politico):

"This bill doesn't represent the Mississippi I knew growing up.

"It doesn't represent the folks I went to church with every Sunday with my parents and my sister.

 "And it certainly doesn't reflect the Golden Rule I learned about sitting in those pews - a simple moral code that says we should treat others the way we would want to be treated ourselves."

Gov. Bryant has not let it be known if he is going to support the controversial bill or not. He explained his position to The Clarion-Ledger (via Politico):

"What little bit I've heard about it - I'm depending on the legislative process, and I hate to comment on it at this point."

Proving he's not too big for his friends, Bass also took the time to come to his good friend Lisa Vanderpump's defense after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had their way with her reputation.

Again Lance used Twitter as his vehicle to fights the world's injustices:

"#RHOBH is starting now - can't wait to see this BS go down in Puerto Rico! Back off my girl @LisaVanderpump ladies!!"

"Brandi lied about the bankruptcy and said Kim was a meth addict, and Kyle is questioning Lisa's integrity?! #WWHL."

Thank god there is someone out their willing to stick their neck out for the little guy (or gal.)

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