Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres Divorce: Drinking, Cheating and Forced Plastic Surgery [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Mar 07, 2014 09:35 AM EST

Rumors are once again flying that Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are headed towards divorce. A new tabloid report accuses Ellen of hard drinking, cheating and forcing Portia into getting plastic surgery.

The March 17 edition of Star didn't hold back when criticizing the Queen of Nice. One source told the publication that Ellen's drinking could be part of their marital woes:

"Ellen often drinks at home, and when she does, she can get pretty nasty and hurtful. It's definitely affected their marriage. They fight about it a lot...They fight constantly. Their marriage is spiraling down; there's no way it will last."

That's not all the publication went on to claim. The same insider revealed that Ellen may have cheated on Portia with her real love, much younger women:

"Ellen loves younger women. It's been a pattern for her: She meets a beautiful young woman, wines and dines them, and sweeps them off their feet. Ellen basically consumes them and makes them the focus of her life. But as soon as they start to look older, she loses interest."

This isn't the first report that claims Ellen is controlling. In a previous edition of the tabloid, a separate source revealed how jealous and insecure Ellen can be:

"Ellen's a jealous control freak, and it's taking a toll on Portia. Portia loves her to death, but she feels like she's trapped in Ellen's world and she can't get out. She's had it with Ellen's jealousy and insecurities! There's even been talk of a separation, but for now, they're trying to work things out in therapy."

What do you think about these latest rumors? Are Ellen and Portia really calling it quits? Is DeGeneres really as controlling as the tabloids make her seem?

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