2014 Season 13 'American Idol' Cast News; Jennifer Lopez Diva Demands; Rosie Perez Speaks Out

By Shane Jordan on Mar 08, 2014 10:54 PM EST

2014 Season 13 American Idol judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr have Nicky Minaj and Mariah Carey to blame for having to deal with diva Jennifer Lopez and her ridiculous demands. Harry has tried to downplay J-Lo's bad attitude, but Rosie Perez, who worked with Jenny on the Block when the New Kids on the Block were still popular, says Jennifer has always been a bit of a "B."

Before Jennifer Lopez would come back to American Idol for Season 13 she had peculiar demands for the producers.

A show insider told Star that the aging Lopez wanted to make sure there wasn't going to be anyone taking away from her attention:

"She demanded to be the only female judge on the show but had no idea how popular Harry would become.

"J-Lo may be great at masking her feelings on camera, but behind the scenes she is definitely still a diva."

According to a friend of Lopez in Star, Jennifer can't help but treat Harry with distain and disrespect:

"J-Lo thinks that Harry is one of the most childish frown men she has ever met. He doesn't take anything seriously and just won't stop his juvenile behavior. She thinks he's immature and lame, and she only talks to him if she has to."

Rosie Perez says that Harry should be happy that J-Lo is giving him the silent treatment, because when they worked together on Living Color the not-so-Fly Girl would sometimes verbally abuse everyone within ear-shot.

In her new book, Handbook for an Unpredictable Life, Rosie Perez recalled a "for instance" when J-Lo really showed her despicable diva tendencies (via Us Weekly):

"[Lopez] went off...[Screaming] I'm better than any of these girls and you know it!"

So really we all have Keenen Ivory Wayans for Jennifer Lopez ever even being on TV when you think about.

You're forgiven Mariah Carey.

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