Powerball Winning Number Results for March 8 Check to See If You Won $50 Million

By Brick Dozer on Mar 08, 2014 11:29 PM EST

The winning Powerball numbers for Saturday, March 8’s $50 million lottery drawing have been picked. Check the results below to see if you won big.

The winning numbers for this week’s Powerball lottery are: 10 14 24 32 41 PB 30

For two week’s in a row, the Powerball grand prize jackpot have been won. However, both winners have yet to come forward.

The official Powerball site is reporting on expiration dates on the tickets:

“The Universe is decaying and nothing lasts forever. Ticket expiration periods vary from state to state--from 90 days to one year. They may also change from time to time. The back of your ticket will often give the expiration period for your state. If it is not on the back of your ticket, you might check with your state lottery by using the map. For obvious reasons, we don't want to give you wrong information about the time frame for cashing tickets with your lottery. In rare cases, your elected officials will change the expiration period (sometimes they run out of other stuff to vote on). They may shorten it even though you may find an old brochure or old ticket stock with a longer claim period. Often the lottery will honor your ticket in such a case, but if you plan to wait longer than 90 days to claim a big prize, you might just call up the lottery or go to the online site and double check on the expiration period.”

The site also adds info about unclaimed prizes:

“Unclaimed prizes, including a state's share of jackpot sales, are kept by the lottery jursidiction. About half of the lotteries are required to put the money back into a game. The other half is required by law to turn the money over to the state's general fund. If a jackpot is unclaimed, The money must be returned back to all lotteries, in proportion to their sales for the draw run. The lotteries then distribute the money as they are required by law - back into other lottery games or back to the state's general fund.”

Check back in with us later on for the latest in lotto news. Until then, keep hoping and stop working. -Brick Dozer

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