Pink and Carey Hart Relationship 2014 Update: Quits Motocross; Feud with Gwen Stefani

By Shane Jordan on Mar 09, 2014 10:25 PM EDT

Musician Pink, aka Alicia Moore, felt that 2014 was the year she needed to update the marriage's relationship guidelines. She told the motocross legend that his days driving a dirt bike professionally were over now that they have a daughter. Gwen Stefani reignited her feud with Moore by refusing Pink's reconciliatory play-date invitation.

Pink isn't close to retiring from music, but she is taking the time to focus more on her growing family's future.

But if her husband Carey Hart wants to continue to be a part of that future, he will be retiring from the sport of professional motocross.

A friend close to the Carey and Alicia told Star that the only reason Pink gave Hart the ultimatum was because she wants him to be alive to see his daughter grow up:

"Pink would have never asked Carey to give up something so important o him in the past, but having a daughter has changed her outlook.

"She doesn't think the risk is worth the reward."

That is exactly how Gwen Stefanie felt when she reportedly received an invitation from Moore attempting to set up a play date between their children.

The two singers are rumored to have had some serious beefs in the past, but a friend close to Alicia told Radar Online that Pink was shocked by Stefani's response to her sincere attempt to bury the hatchet:

"[Pink] suggested she and Gwen bring their children together for a Beverly Hills playdate.

"Pink was pretty upset when she got an email a couple of days later from Gwen that basically said, 'not now and not ever' to the idea that they bury the hatchet by having their small children meet each other."

Well....Gwen isn't going to make any new friends acting like that.

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