Paula Patton and Robin Thicke Divorce: Back Together After Breakup; Still Cheating [RUMORS]

By Shane Jordan on Mar 14, 2014 06:36 PM EDT

Robin Thicke has been doing everything he can to get back together with his wife Paula Patton since the announcement of their breakup late last February. While they have made an effort to try and a ork it out; rumor has it that Paula is fed up and knows Robin is still cheating.

Robin Thicke has been making a big show of his efforts to reconcile with his wife Paula Patton, or at least he has been incorporating his reconciliation efforts into his shows.

Thicke ended his Atlantic City concert with a dedication of love to his angry spouse and, according to In Touch, followed it up with a heartfelt rendition of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together."

Robin even admitted to a Madison Square Garden's crowd that he hoped he and Paula could keep things together (via Star):

"We gotta learn to forgive each other, learn to love each other.

"You're always going to ned you family."

And it looks like all Thicke's public pleading might have worked, sort of.

An eyewitness, who supposed saw the couple hanging out in Vancouver over the weekend with their son Julian, told In Touch that while they looked like a happy unit, things also seemed a little forced:

"They seemed happy to be spending the day as a family.

"It looked like he was trying really hard, but Paula was kind of over it...She was clearly only there for the sake of their son."

Paula is doing just fine without Robin, by all accounts in Life & Style, and according to an eyewitness who saw Paula partying sans Thicke at the L.A. hotspot 1 Oak, nothing can bring her down:

"Paula was acting more confident than ever.

"Robin's song 'Blurred Lines' came on, and she playfully rolled her eyes--but kept on dancing!"

An "industry insider" cut to the heart of things, when she told Life & Style, that the breakup was about the trust that they may never get back:

"Robin's probably been messing around on Paula for years...She finally had enough."

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