‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Spoilers: Winner Nikki Ferrell NOT Still Together; Breakup Following Finale

By Shane Jordan on Mar 15, 2014 11:18 AM EDT

Bachelor Juan Pablo was certainly less than convincing when he reassured the world that he wanted to continue his relationship with finale rose winner Nikki Ferrell, though he wouldn't propose or even use the "L" word to her. Spoilers: Nikki and Galavis aren't still as together as they would have you think. They haven't split up just yet, but how could they, when the pair never ever talk according to recent insider reports?

It is hard to speculate about a couple's inner dynamics, but one thing is for certain. Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell are the most lack luster couple the show has ever had.

Truth be told, since the final show was recorded, the pair has had almost no contact.

An insider tells Life & Style, that things were okay at first, but Juan Pablo quickly lost interest:

"Juan us a different person than she thought.

"He doesn't seem interested in bringing this relationship forward...He's no making any effort to maintain and foster it.

"When the hsow first ended they saw each other every other weekend, and now they don't see each other much at all."

"He'll send a 'What's up' text message here or there, [but] there is no romance left between Nikki and Juan Pablo at all."

Juan Pablo is no doubt happy to go on living the lie and enjoying what modicum of respectable fame he might still enjoy.

Nikki Ferrell on the other had has had it a friend tell Life & Style, and as soon she comes to terms with Galavis' bull, Nikki will be out of there:

"Nikki hadn't been confrontational with Juan Pablo about his post-show behavior, but when they were finally allowed to see each other in public and he still didn't want to spend time with her, that when she understood this wasn't going to end at the altar.

"Give this relationship two months max."

Let's hope Juan Pablo gets his act together, before America loses its faith in forced spontaneous love, and the whole damn show gets cancelled.

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