Ann Rice Pits ‘Thor’s’ Chris Hemsworth Vs ‘Arrow’s’ Stephen Amell for New ‘Prince Lestat’ Casting

By James Knight on Mar 15, 2014 11:44 AM EDT

First came Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire and then came Stuart Townsend in Queen of the Damned, nearly a decade later. Now it looks there might be a brand new Lestat. Ann Rice recently announced that she is working on a new novel, Prince Lestat, and she has already started to dream cast the role of the most well known vampire since Dracula. Sorry Twi-Hards, Edward doesn’t count. Some of Rice’s own personal choices include Thor’s Chris Hemsworth and Arrow’s Stephen Amell.

Ann Rice is apparently already plotting out the Prince Lestat movie in her head. Rice’s Facebook page has been bombarded with Lestat casting suggestions since it was announced that there would be another book. Now Rice has chimed in with a few of her own personal choices, writing:

“I love all the Lestats you're posting on the page, the handsome actors and charmers. But let us not forget Chris Hemsworth who has Lestat's square face, cheerful eyes, and voice. And let us not forget Stephen Amell either who also greatly resembles Lestat and has the body and face of a god; and also Anson Mount who seemed at times to be Lestat prowling the frontier in ‘Hell on Wheels.’"

Rice has also been dream casting, the role of the vampire, Armand, telling her fans:

"Raelin Randall brought this actor's face to the page ---- Jeremy Sumpter --- and if ever I saw an actor who looked to me like my Armand, it is this actor! Just perfect to play Armand. Of course we have no Vampire film in the works, but we are in talks, as we've been for over five years, and hope springs eternal and the capacity to dream is ever vital. Well, whatever the case, this certainly looks like my beloved Armand."

Who would you like to see play Lestat? How about Armand? Let us know your dream castings in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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