‘Shahs of Sunset’ Cast Recap: MJ Pregnant And In Love On Twitter; Reza Farahan Claims Baby Belongs to Fiancé Adam Neeley

By Shane Jordan on Mar 15, 2014 06:16 PM EDT

The Shahs of Sunset cast are spending their time between seasons making little Shahs and falling in love. Mercedes "MJ" Javid announced a few weeks ago via Twitter that she was pregnant with someone's baby and recently followed it up with claims that she is in love with some mystery man. Reza Faharan said the baby was his and his fiancé Adam Neeley's, but more than likely neither of them are "in love" with Ms. Javid. We may have to wait for the pre-season recap to find out.

Shahs of Sunset's MJ created quite a stir when she decided to post a picture of a few half eaten desserts with a very suggestive message:

"My weird cravings have already started! How will I make it through these 9 months? #shahs"

Reza Farahan, who recently got engaged during this season to his long-time boyfriend Adam Neeley, only added to the laundry list of questions, when he claimed that the baby was his and Adam's on his Twitter:

The post addressed to paternity of the bun in MJ's oven, while at the same time opening a can of worms that the Shahs have not been quick to talk about on television, at least not yet.

Adding one more layer to the new baby mystery, is a short tweet from Mercedes strongly declaring to the world that she just might be in love.

There has been no word from MJ or any of the other Shas cast about who the new person in Javid's life could be, but you can probably bet that Reza isn't leaving Neeley for MJ.

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