Missing Malaysian MH370 Flight Found? Facebook Hoax After Terrorism, Suicide Claims

By Jonathan Lambert on Mar 18, 2014 01:43 PM EDT

Malaysian flight MH370 is still missing, despite a Facebook hoax that claimed the airplane resurfaced at the Bermuda Triangle. These latest claims comes after reports that the plane may have been brought down over terrorism or suicide.

In a truly classless and disturbing move, a group used Facebook to declare that MH370 and the hundreds of passengers on board have been found. This report, as explained by Hoax Slayer, is totally false:

"According to a message that is currently being distributed on Facebook, missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has been located in the Bermuda Triangle. And, claims the message, the passengers on the plane are alive. The post invites users to click a link to view breaking news footage of the miracle discovery...However, the claims in the message are callous lies perpetrated by immoral Facebook survey scammers. The missing aircraft certainly has not been found in the Bermuda Triangle and the promised video footage does not exist."

Of course, there is some new information in regards to the missing flight. A new report has suggested that the airliner's route was changed via computer entry, as Time explains:

"The New York Times, citing 'senior American officials,' reports Flight MH370's first unexpected turn to the west was made 'through a computer system' in the aircraft's cockpit. That revelation is significant because changing the aircraft's route via the flight computer requires a more intimate understanding of the Boeing 777's flight systems than manually manipulating the control yoke to change heading."

This latest development hasn't done much to silence rumors that the pilots of the plane may have planned to commit suicide or engage in an act of terrorism.

What do you think about the latest developments? Is there any chance that the passengers are still alive? Will they ever find out what happened aboard the flight?

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