Springtime for Richter: Brit Composer Max and Violinist Daniel Hope Recompose Vivaldi's Spring Allegro for New Season on DG

By Brick Dozer and Christian Rockafeller on Apr 04, 2014 01:11 PM EDT

Close your eyes.

Pretend it isn't raining (though it is at the place and time of writing, here well after the official first day of spring in New York).

And listen up, as Max Richter, Daniel Hope and Vivaldi usher in the latest spring on record.

To celebrate a new partnership, Deutsche Grammophon/Universal Music Classics will release a new edition of Richter's highly acclaimed Vivaldi Recomposed, his unique reworking of The Four Seasons for violin, chamber orchestra and Moog synthesizer.

The new package, available April 29, will include remixes, and an exclusive performance film featuring Richter and Hope shot in East Berlin in late 2013.

There will also be five newly-composed electronic soundscapes, dubbed "shadows" by Richter, which were constructed for a live performance of the work.

Even better, you ask?

A brand new app will go on sale simultaneously with the music, allowing users to experience Recomposed and an original version of Vivaldi's classical hit side by side--with commentary, background essays and unique UX functionalities.  

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