'Teen Mom' Feud: Pregnant Jenelle Evans Arrested After Abortion, Sober Amber Portwood Thanks Fans [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Mar 26, 2014 08:52 AM EDT

There has been a major update between two feuding members of the Teen Mom family. Jenelle Evans' mother officially comments on her daughter being arrested, after Jenelle's abortion scandal and pregnant news. Meanwhile, rival Amber Portwood recently thanked fans for helping her stay sober.

The March 25 episode of Teen Mom 2 focused on one of the many times Jenelle Evans has been arrested. MTV cameras were there to catch the conversation Evans boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, had with his girlfriend's mom following Jenelle's arrest.

Turns out that momma Barbara is running out of patience with her trashy daughter and her ridiculous antics. A furious Barb told Nathan that her daughter's actions could wind up costing everyone everything (via Us Weekly):

"I'm gonna tell you, straight on, that this is what happens with Jenelle. Because Jenelle can be such a little bitch, right? And she does all these things and jeopardizes everybody. She's jeopardizing your future, she's jeopardizing [Jace's] safety."

Barb didn't stop there either. She went on to reveal that she is happy Jenelle was arrested, because this may be the only way her daughter learns:

"If I was her, and I wanted custody over my kid, I'd do everything -- I'd work three jobs to prove that I was a fit mother. I wouldn't be riding around smoking weed! I'm glad she went to jail, because Jenelle thinks she's above the law."

In related news, fellow Teen Mom star Amber Portwood, who is a recovering addict, reached out to her Twitter followers for support. Amber revealed that she was struggling with sobriety and was bored, which isn't good for someone who struggles with substance abuse.

Luckily, her fans came to the rescue and supported Amber during her struggles. Amber was thankful for the help and tweeted her supporters:

"Thank you guys for helping me through this hard day...sending so much love back! Goodnight and sweetest of dreams."

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