2014 Season 10 'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman Spoilers: Desperate for Fame; Contestant Cut for Trolling

By Shane Jordan on Mar 28, 2014 04:44 PM EDT

Turns out Georgia's assistant district attorney and 2014 Season 10 Bachelorette might not be entirely that different from Bachelor Juan Pablo after all. Despite calling out Galavis for being insincere in his quest to find love, some close to Dorfman are suggesting that she is more interested in the fame and $50 K payday, than any search to find her soul mate. Spoilers: contestant Will Barry has been cut from the show for his alleged internet trolling.

ABC's new Bachelorette came to fame by publicly calling out Juan Pablo last season just before calling him an A-hole and storming off .

But some of her friends might tell you that when it comes down to their true motivations, Andi and Galavis aren't really that different a creature after all.

An insider tells Life & Style that for Andi, it's as much about the money and fame as it is anything else:

"Andi is very excited for the spotlight of the show.

"She's making $50,000 this season--that's a whole year's salary for six weeks!

"Andi doesn't want to go back to law after The Bachelorette...She wants to see where this takes her."

Regardless of where it takes her, contestant Will Barry won't be there to see it, unless he watches on TV like the rest of us.

According to Wet Paint, Barry got caught up in some sort of misunderstanding, because he pretended to be a terrible person on the internet--or something like that:

"While Will was originally part of the mix, he's since been was a case of trolling brought to the producers' attention.

"There was a guy named 'Unclesexy' (yes, really) who harassed former contestants on Twitter, in live chat rooms, and on Reality Steve's site--and Will was accused of being that troll.

"It turns out that Will is not really the troll...Steve says Will was just doing the real controller of the handle a favor. However, the damage has already been done, as Will is outie."

No worries...Will didn't make enough money to impress Andi anyways.

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