‘RHOBH’ Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes Feud: Broke Eddie Cibrian Splits; Plastic Surgery NOT Enough

By Shane Jordan on Mar 30, 2014 03:10 PM EDT

Rumor has it that LeAnn Rimes is having money problems, and when you're married to Eddie Cibrian that means marriage problems, just ask Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville. Word has it that Rimes is nearly broke from supporting Eddie and his extended family, not to mention all the plastic surgery she has reportedly had to keep Eddie interested. Now they're running low on money, Eddie is said to be running around, and LeAnn knows it's just a matter of time until he splits.

It has been a while since LeAnn Rimes made an album that anyone wanted to listen to, and that is starting to take its toll on her back account.

An insider close to Rimes told Star that, the money train coming off the tracks, and the derailment wasn't going to be pretty:

"Record execs are looking for the next big thing, and LeAnn is basically on the casino-gig circuit, while her contemporaries, like Carrie Underwood, are selling out the Staple Center in L.A...No one is interested in reviving someone's career.

"[But] LeAnn needs to get a record deal ASAP, or the gravy train will end for a lot of people."

Worst of all is how she spent that money. Not only has she been paying all of Eddie, Eddie's parents and Eddie's kids bills, LeAnn has been reportedly spending a fortune trying to keep herself in acceptable shape for Cibrian.

A friend told Star that, Rimes gotten almost everything tucked, clipped, stripped or augmented:

"They spend money as fast as she makes make it.

"She wanted a six-pack, so she got abdominal implants!...She had her eyelids done, her lips plumped and her breasts done too. She also gets filler and Botox.

"She thinks it will help her career--but she really does it to keep Eddie interested--She's only 31!"

A friend told Star that LeAnn and Eddie both know, that if the money runs out he's out too:

"LeAnn recently told Eddie that she was scared he'd leave her is she couldn't keep bringing in so much money, and it turned into a nasty fight.

"He's been disappearing a lot lately and is vague about his whereabouts....[LeAnn] feels like she's all alone.

"The truth is that Eddie is tired of her theatrics, and he won't put up with them much longer- -especially if she doesn't have money."

And Brandi Glanville has the last laugh.

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