Check Out Chelsea Handler's Howard Stern Interview that Got Her FIRED

By Jonathan Lambert on Mar 31, 2014 09:41 PM EDT

Chelsea Handler will not be renewing her contract in a few months and, as a result, will be leaving the E! channel. Many feel that it was due to her scandalous interview with Howard Stern that got her fired.

Of course, it's too soon to report that Handler was actually let go. We can, however, reveal that Chelsea will be leaving the network. Her manager Irving Azoff told The Hollywood Reporter about her future plans:

"Chelsea intends to leave when her contract expires. She hired me to figure out her life after E! We have at least seven suitors and many ideas."

It's not really a surprise that Handler is leaving. On Howard Stern, she constantly referred to the executives as idiots.

Here are a few more highlights from the same interview:

Within minutes, Handler was recounting a time where she used drugs at Jane Fonda's house:

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"I was at Jane Fonda's. She throws these awesome dance parties. And I was with my girlfriend and I got two Quaaludes from this woman...My friend didn't want one and I thought that meant for me to take both of them. And that was a disaster."

For the rest of the night, Chelsea was unable to move, let alone dance.

One of the more shocking moments came when Chelsea brought up her hatred for Alex Rodriguez. When Alex once told her he was a fan, Chelsea responded:

"'I don't know why you're such a big fan, because I think you're an a-hole'...I just find him gross...the way he conducts himself. He has a centaur of himself in his house, yeah, him and a horse COMBINED into one person. We've shown it on the show...He just sleeps around...He is a pile of s-t."

She had even less kind things to say about P-Daddy:

"The same thing with P-Diddy. He was chasing me around at that party last year. He saw me around this bush and he said, "Oh, I'm gonna get you.' I go, 'No you're not. You're never gonna get me. Get away from me, you're never going to get anything.' He was literally chasing me around a bush. I was like, 'Look at you. You look like a rapist right now, chasing a woman around a bush at a party.' And someone came and rescued me."

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