Google Hangout Colossus: Saxophone's Sonny Rollins Takes to a G-Chat Session on May 5 at Noon EST

By Ian Holubiak on Apr 05, 2014 12:55 AM EDT

Well, Sonny Rollins couldn't get much cooler. The 'Colossus' tenor saxophonist will drop a line at Google for an interesting Google Hangout Session.

Creator of the great jazz standards as "St. Thomas" and "Oleo," Rollins will, of course, maintain his badass factor as he meets his fans over what us kids of the 21st century use on the daily: a video chat forum.

Following such amazing Googlers like President Obama (only in this day and age will a president keep that intimacy available), Rollins will hit your computer screens on May 5 at noon to answer some of those questions pawing at your brain stem.

Rollins is an American tenor saxophonist and is hailed as one fo the greatest jazz musicians of all time. Like most jazz musicians of the time, heroin landed him in prison on Riker's Island until he was able to overcome his addiction and channel true musical enlightenment.

He was a part of the Miles Davis Quintet in the summer of 1955 and pioneered a new sound that would later be referred to as "hard bop."

Don't miss the connection and shape yourself up for some of the indelible questions need answering by Rollins later this year.

Jazz Video Guy gives you some tips in the video below, but we really just want you to keep the date open.

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