Pregnant Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Update News: Post Body Baby Preparations on Twitter

By Shane Jordan on Apr 03, 2014 07:11 PM EDT

There has been some back and forth news on the internet as to whether American Idol Carrie Underwood and Nashville Predator husband Mike Fisher are going to be actually having a baby in 2014 or not. But Underwood's recent Twitter workout pics seem to indicate, that the country singer could be preparing her body for the pregnant baby weight gain.

It certainly isn't a forgone conclusion that Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher will be getting pregnant this year, despite month and months or rumors to the contrary.

A source close to the Tennessee stationed couple told OK! that Carrie and Mike have been locking horns for a while now, over when the best time to start their family would be:

"They've been locked in a baby battle and it was putting serious strain on their marriage.

"Carrie made a pact with Mike last year that if he let her pursue her acting dreams, she'd get pregnant in 2014.

"At the end of 2013, he gave her an ultimatum...[But Carrie only] gives vague answers, like, 'You'll just have to wait and see.'"

Regardless of the couple's inner dynamics, 31-year-old Carrie told Life & Style that these next few years were going to be all about growing her family:

"I really want my 30's to be all about my family. When we have kids it going to wonderful.

"I think two is a good number. I don't want too many!"

And by the looks of things on Twitter, it seems Carrie is either preparing her body for some sort of trail ahead, or perhaps is turning it into a weapon to attack Mike:

"@OpreaFitness: Check out @carrieunderwood killin it on her pull-ups today!! Awesome job! Yeah, baby!!!"

It's still too early to tell if Underwood is planning to become a mother this year or not, but one thing is apparent--Carrie's not the kind of girl that anyone gives an ultimatum.

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