Winning Mega Millions Lottery Numbers for Friday April 4, Check the Results to See If You Won $30 Million

By Brick Dozer on Apr 04, 2014 11:26 PM EDT

The winning Mega Millions lottery numbers have been drawn for Friday April 4. Check the results below to see if you won $30 million.

The winning numbers for the Mega Millions lottery drawing are:1, 10, 15, 41, 54, MB 9

There was no big winner this past tuesday, but there were two new millions, that were not playing the fool on April 1st, as the Mega Millions website reports:

“April 2, 2014 - Matthew White, Jr. of Charlotte, N.C., enjoys his routines. He likes to try his luck matching numbers playing jackpot games, and then checks for the winning numbers in the newspaper on his morning break.

For White, the morning after Tuesday’s Mega Millions drawing was anything but routine. He was comparing his numbers when a coworker noticed they matched all five white balls in the drawing.”

The site also adds:

April 2, 2014 - The Mega Millions April Fool’s Day drawing was no joke for Michigan Lottery player Jennifer Krauss, who won $1 million.

Krauss, of Westland, bought her winning ticket from Take-A-Break Café Hamlin and returned to check her numbers earlier today. After finding that she had matched the first five numbers in the Mega Millions game, she could barely contain her excitement.

‘I was so nervous, I kept the ticket in my purse,” said Krauss. “Then I kept my purse with me all day.’

Krauss and her husband plan to use their new found fortune to pay off debt, help their children with student loans, and to donate to charities.”

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