Broke Anorexic Tori Spelling Divorce: Hospitalized for Weight Loss Over Cheating Dean McDermott? [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Apr 07, 2014 12:58 PM EDT

Rumors are flying this week that claim Tori Spelling, who is admittedly broke, is anorexic. A major gossip tabloid reports that her weight loss, which led to her being hospitalized, could have something to do with her allegedly cheating husband, Dean McDermott.

In Touch decided to make poor Tori Spelling their cover this week, asserting that she was seeking treatment for being dangerously thin-92 lbs, if the story is accurate (which is highly unlikely). The publication goes on to blame estranged husband Dean McDermott:

"Tori, who has a high tolerance for stress and pain, has hit rock bottom. Forced to raise four kids alone, while juggling work, the fallout from her husband's infidelity and serious financial problems, the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star has reached her breaking point: Her weight has plunged to a shocking 92 lbs, estimates an expert."

Of course, these aren't the only rumors about Tori and Dean. Star quotes a source as revealing that Tori would divorce Dean, if she wasn't too poor to afford it:

"Even with her new TV series, Tori is scared she won't make enough money to take care of the kids alone...With very little income coming in from Dean-especially now that he's in an expensive rehab-Tori is really struggling. She's so desperate for money that she's begging Candy [her mom] to help her out."

What do you think about the latest rumors? Is Tori really just 92 pounds? If so, did Dean drive her to starvation? We want to hear from you. Tell us your thoughts in the comment field below.

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