Hurricane Sandy Path Kills & Injuries In New York, Superstorm Leaves Manhattan Without Power

By O'Jay Burgess on Oct 30, 2012 01:01 AM EDT

Hurricane Sandy has already claimed five lives in the New York so far according to the NY Post. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has confirmed earlier that at least five lives were lost due to the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy.

The first causality was a 30-year-old Flushing man who died at the hands of a falling tree when it crushed near his home on 166th Street in the evening.

According to officials Sandy made landfall at 6:03 p.m. in New Jersey with the eye of the hurricane said to be 900 miles wide.

Manhattan has seen outages of power in numerous areas primarily in the lower part of the island. Con Ed spokesman Chris Olert said that flooding may had led to the loss power.

The storm has been downgraded but still belting winds in the region of 90 miles per hour. The flooding is in part to the rising sea level. Sandy has been sending 30-foot-high swells off shore and New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has urged New Yorkers to find safe haven.

"Conditions are deteriorating very rapidly and the window for you getting out safely is closing," said Bloomberg

Governor Cuomo also chimed in by saying. "The worst is still coming," he said. "Don't be fooled. Don't look out the window and say, 'well, you know, it doesn't look so bad.'" He also went on to say.

"Citizens have a duty. They need to be smart, they need to use common sense. Citizens do not need to be on the road, you really don't. Leave the roads free."

The freakish stormed has also maimed two policeman on duty and all public transit and New York schools have been closed until further notice.

Hurricane Sandy

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