FX ‘Fargo’ Trailer Cast Premiere: Billy Bob Thornton Quits Directing; Martin Freeman ‘Sherlock’ Hiatus [VIDEO]

By Shane Jordan on Apr 15, 2014 06:46 PM EDT

FX' New Coen Brothers inspired television series Fargo, staring Billy Bob Thornton as ne're-do-well Lorne Malvo and Hobbit Martin Freeman as struggling loser Lester Nygaard, premieres tonight at 9 p.m. Billy Bob is excited to return to TV after getting his start on 1990's Hearts Afire; the creator of Sling Blade says he has quit directing movies on his own from now on. Martin Freeman, aka Dr. Watson, upset many Brits and Americans alike, when he revealed this week that Sherlock wouldn't be returning from hiatus to the air until at least 2016.

The world's second most recognizable Hobbit Martin Freeman premieres tonight in hisFX role as sad sack Lester Nygaard in the Coen bothers  inspired Fargo television spin-off of the same name.

It will be sometime, however, before anyone sees him in Sherlock's Season 4; according to the Daily Star, Martin has revealed that the English/American crossover won't be returning at all in 2015:

"Sherlock star Martin Freeman has delivered a blow to viewers expecting the award-winning drama to bounce back on the box next year.

"He says it will not return until at least 2016, despite a recent hint that filming on a new series would begin soon."

Billy Bob Thornton won't be returning to directing major motion pictures anytime soon either.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly promoting his Fargo series premiere, the brain behind Sling Blade admitted that Hollywood just didn't have a place for his kind of movies anymore:

"I think I'm obsolete as a film director. I don't think there's a place for me as a film director--or a writer.

"If I wrote anything, it would probably be for television and maybe like Costner's [Hatfields and McCoys] thing. Or maybe like this, maybe Fargo. I can see myself doing something like that.

"I can't see myself being a television director unless it's for a two-hour movie. Like if I did an HBO or FX or whatever it is, movie. That I would do."

Thornton would also jump at the chance to work with Martin Freeman again, Billy Bob told Entertainment Weekly that he and Bilbo Baggins had more in common than you might think:

"Martin takes it very seriously, but at the same time, not too seriously, where you sit around and pontificate about all the Shakespeare you've done. He's not that kind of guy.

"He's an easy guy to work with, and we actually had more similarities than we thought."

God can only guess what those similiarties might be.

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