FX ‘Fargo’ TV Series Cast: Martin Freeman Rapist Request; Billy Bob Thornton Retires; Bob Odenkirk Talks ‘Better Call Saul’

By Shane Jordan on Apr 22, 2014 06:12 PM EDT

FX new Coen brothers inspired TV series Fargo premiered last week to rave reviews. Cast antihero Martin Freeman, aka Hobbit Bilbo Baggins, claims that he knew he could play a serial killer; Martin has been requesting to play rapist's roles for years. Billy Bob Thornton is happy to be on television--anything to get him work, now that he has retired from directing. Comedic writer/director turned dramatic actor Bob Odenkirk loved the change of playing naïve Deputy Bill Oswalt as opposed to the more seedy character of Saul Goodman, made famous in the Breaking Bad series. Bob will reprise his the role starting sometime in May, when he begins production of Better Call Saul.

Martin Freeman shines in the role of struggling schlub turned crazed killer in his new role on FX' Fargo, but then again he always knew he would.

Freeman told TV Guide that he could always tell that he had the capacity to behave like a rapist, if only given the opportunity:

"I just loved it. I've said to my agents for ages in a kind of lighthearted way that I think I need to play a serial killer, a f---ing rapist, drug dealer, whatever. Partly because people don't see me like that and partly because I want to flex those muscles again.

"Before The Office, I was a young actor in London who casting agents ... saw as kind of edgy. I would be going up for those parts that were a bit violent or a bit scuzzy.

"It's not that I'm a serial killer or anything.

"But it's in everybody. We all have those moments where you do want to throw someone out of a window."

Billy Bob Thornton, who plays the scripts villain Lorne Malvo, is just happy to be taking the break from directing misinterpreted masterpieces.

Thornton told Entertainment Weekly that he didn't believe he would ever want to direct again:

"I think I'm obsolete as a film director. I don't think there's a place for me as a film director--or a writer.

"If I wrote anything, it would probably be for television and maybe like Costner's [Hatfields and McCoys] thing."

Mr. Show's Bob Odenkirk seems as happy to be taking a little break from his Saul Goodman role , as is his to have the carrer making character to return to (via Independent):

"Part of the appeal was certainly that Bill is the polar opposite of Saul Goodman.

"He hasn't got a plan. He's very innocent, possibly the most innocent person in the whole show, and that was a lot of fun to play.

"I needed something different before I returned to the comb-over."

Watch Fargo on FX Tuesday night's at 10 p.m.

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