Engaged Charlize Theron and Sean Penn Wedding Plans Confirmed; Adopt Baby; Daughter Dylan Nude Spread [PHOTOS]

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May 08, 2014 04:27 PM EDT | Shane Jordan (s.jordan@classicalite.com)

Robin Wright & Sean Penn

Robin Wright and Sean pose pause to take a photo. (Photo : Creative Commons/Attit Patel)

Though Sean Penn and Charlize Theron haven't made any official engagement announcements yet, friends have reportedly confirmed that the Hollywood couple are moving right along with their wedding plans. Some rumors even suggest that the pair will be adopting a new baby from Haiti to play brother or sister to Theron's son Jackson. Though Charlie may want to rethink raising kids with Penn, his daughter with House of Cards Robin WrightDylan just made headlines the easy way, by taking her clothes off for a nude, topless Treats! spread about five minutes into her modeling career.

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Sean Penn and Charlize Theron have repeatedly chosen to keep all aspects of their relationship as secret until the tabloids out them anyways.

So it seems they are planning their wedding in very much the same vain; an insider told Life & Style that Sean and Charlie are making plans as quietly as possible (via SF Examiner):

"They are going to use a wedding planner, but they brought along Charlize's mom, Gerda, and Sean's mother, Eileen, to discuss strategy.

"They plan to have 200 guests on the beach in Malibu sometime in August...Sean wants his musician brother Michael to be his best man, and Charlize has respectfully asked her mom to be her maid of honor."

That isn't all they are reportedly planning either; Sean and Charlize are looking to adopt another baby to play with big-brother Jackson (via OK!):

"Charlize was an only child and always wished she had a brother or sister...[So] it's important to her that Jackson have a brother or sister.

"They hope to adopt by the end of the year."

Let's just hope that Sean does a better job with this one, than he and ex-wife Robin Wright did with the last one.

Penn's daughter Dylan shed everything but a smile and eyelashes for her latest appearance in men's skin mag Treats!



Dylan explained that she didn't do it for the money or fame--she took her clothes off for the inherent art in it (via People):

"I knew [Tony Duran]'s photography from before I was asked to shoot and really admired him as an artist.

"I have always loved his black-and-white nudes, they were always so tastefully done and, more specifically, showed that certain elegant yet strong beauty that I think all women embody."

Right...and Playboy only put all those nude celebrities on the cover to get men to read the article.

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