Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Marriage Divorce: Split After Cheating Husband Anorexic Intervention Disaster [RUMORS]

By Shane Jordan on May 11, 2014 12:16 PM EDT

Nicole Richie is reportedly struggling with more than just her plummeting BMI. According to rumor, Nicky is convinced that her Good Charlotte husband Joel Madden has been cheating on her while away filming The Voice Australia, and the couple could even be ready for divorce. According to gossip Joel is asready to split as she is, and has been staying out of the country as much as possible to avoid Richie. And this has all been going on while her weight loss has continued to spiral out of control. Friends and family were said to have staged an intervention to address Nicole's anorexic looking frame, but it ended in total disaster.

Reality fashion star Nicole Richie and her faux-punk husband Joel Madden have reportedly been growing further and further apart as he neglects his life and diminutive wife in America.

A friend of Madden's told Star that Joel was only doing what he had to do to deal with the never-ending nagging of his emaciated wife:

"When he's here, he checks out on his life in the U.S.

"Joel prefers to be away because he can avoid Nicole much more easily there...He can't stand to be at home with her because she constantly picks at him.

"If she's not accusing him of cheating, she's complaining about the way he parents the kids or what he eats or what he wears...It's just never-ending."

To make matters worse, Nicole seems to be taking the frustrations with her failing marriage out on herself.

Richie is undeniably looking just as unhealthy as she did before she met Joel fresh out of rehab, but when the people closest to her try to remind her of that, she goes ballistic.

An eyewitness told Star Magazine that last time Richie's friends and family tried to get through to her, Nicole absolutely went Chernobyl on their asses:

 "The intervention made Nicole furious and she stormed out...Nicole doesn't think she has a problem, but the truth is she need help--and fast."

The United States and Australia are statistically the two fattest nations on earth...if Nicole Richie can't gain wait here or there--she can't gain weight anywhere.

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