After Retiring, Ex WWE Star DDP Yoga Household Name In 3 Years? 57 Year Old Diamond Dallas Page Fitness Guru

By Drew Jacobs on May 21, 2014 09:47 PM EDT

Diamond Dallas Page is out to change the world and make a lot of dough doing it. The ex WWE star has seen his share of potentially career-ending injuries, but through a fitness system he devised, DDP Yoga, the retired 57-year old wrestler is in the best shape of his life. Will DDP Yoga be a household name in 3 years? The self-proclaimed fitness guru that is selling you his DVD says absolutely.

Diamond Dallas Page could sell just about anything. He could sell the crap out of a Slap Chop. But fortunately he doesn't have to because he has a series of DVD's (apps to come) selling fitness to regular guys. The New Jersey native has been everything from a nightclub manager to a professional wrestler to a motivational speaker to a fitness instructor. He even instructs fitness like a motivational speaker (via Fight Hype):

"What I did in professional wrestling was amazing. I was the anomaly that lived a dream at a different level. I reached so much higher than people could ever imagine. But I imagined because that's where it starts. Manifesting your dreams to reality. But what I'm doing today…DDP Yoga is the coolest thing I have ever done, ever. And this is just the beginning. This is the tip of the iceberg. In 3 years my friend, DDP Yoga will be a household name. And that's the kind of things that I say to myself every single day."

Page's "yoga for regular guys" schtick is actually pretty endearing. So don't be surprised if every man and housewife in America soon has DDP Yoga in their DVD Player.

NOTE: The author has not received any payment from Diamond Dallas Page or any affiliates for this article. The author just really loves DDP and infomercials so this article was bound to happen.

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