Wii U Problems Gets Nintendo Off To A Shaky Start, Critics Weigh In with Poor Reviews

By O'Jay Burgess on Nov 20, 2012 04:12 PM EST

Nintendo's Wii U was released on Sunday and has already reported problems with next gen console. Reviews either criticizing the device or questioning the functionality of it have been the rounds on the Internet.

Nintendo warned buyers of certain flaws before the system's launch, such as not powering down the system before a download was complete.

"Wii U has stopped functioning before I managed to play a single game. I tried to stop an interminable software update and now... nothing," tweeted Los Angeles Times reporter Ben Fritz.

Charles King of TechNewsWorld:

"Whenever a new product has a major launch, it needs to be perfect. That is especially true in this case since this is the first major Wii product that has launched in the last six years and the only major gaming launch for this holiday season. The last thing a consumer tech vendor wants is for customers to open a box, start to download firmware, and then have to twiddle their thumbs for hours It's not just unfortunate but also inexcusable."

David Pierce of The Verge writes:

"The Wii U is close - tantalizingly close - to being a portable console. So close, in fact, that I found myself wondering constantly why the GamePad wasn't the console, and the TV-connected piece a peripheral."

Jeff Bakalar of CNET wrote:

"Every game implements the GamePad differently, and most don't do it very well. Some of the games in Nintendo Land take place almost entirely on the GamePad, so all you see on your TV is 'Look at the GamePad!'," Pierce writes. "Others are mirrored, so you're seeing exactly the same thing on the TV and on the GamePad - it's distracting to see things happening on both screens, and I wound up constantly shifting my gaze because I'd see some movement out of the corner of my eye."

The Wii U is available at a starting price of $299 with the deluxe version climbing to $350.

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