‘Arrow’ Season 3 Spoilers: Laurel Lance New Black Canary After Sara Joins League of Assassins [RUMORS]

By James Knight on May 31, 2014 10:27 PM EDT

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: During the Arrow Season 2 finale, The Black Canary, Sara Lance hung her her mask and handed over her black leather jacket to her sister Laurel. Just because Sara has run off to rejoin Ra’s Al Ghul’s League of Assassins, that doesn’t mean that Starling City will be without a Black Canary. Recently, Laurel Lance actor Katie Cassidy opened up about taking over the mantle of the Bird of Prey in Season 3.

 Sara Lance may be gone but its nothing to cry about. Team Arrow has a new member and its her sister Laurel Lance. Entertainment Weekly recently caught up with Katie Cassidy, who told them all about joining Team Arrow and taking over the mantle of The Black Canary:

“Obviously, getting involved in Team Arrow and taking her through this alter ego, if she does. I mean the jacket fits, but I’m not the writers. But I think I’m excited for her to fight, kick some ass.”

During the last episode of the series Laurel’s father seriously injured. Cassidy went on to opened up about what it mean for Laurel if he died:

“It would be devastating, because they’re very close, he’s the closest thing to her. I definitely think it would be a difficult thing for her, but come on, Laurel’s gone through so much. If anybody could deal with it, it’d be her.”

Cassidy went on to talk about getting together with Ollie:

“I think that she really embraced the fact that he’s the Arrow, and it made her love him so much more and it made sense going with the comics that she becomes this Canary, because Canary and Arrow are together. We’ll see though. You never know what the writers are going to write.”

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