Lou Temple Talks ‘Walking Dead’ Axel Death, Moustache and New Movie With Lex Luthor Jesse Eisenberg [SPOILERS] [INTERVIEW] [EXCLUSIVE]

By James Knight on Jun 02, 2014 09:45 AM EDT

WARNING WALKING DEAD & NIGHT MOVES SPOILERS: Lou Temple is amazing man, with an impressive resume, impeccable sense of fashion and world famous moustache. Temple has appeared a massive number of films and TV shows  including: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning, Halloween (Rob Zombie remake), The Lone Ranger (Disney/Johnny Depp), and most notably, The Walking Dead. We recently sat down with the sharply dressed horror movie icon at Xcon in Myrtle Beach SC, where he told us all about his new movie Night Moves with Lex Luthor actor Jesse Eisenberg. Temple also revealed just how he managed to maintain Axel’s perfectly waxed moustache during the zombie apocalypse.

Classicalite: You have been through a zombie apocalypse, a Texas Chainsaw Massacre and one killer Halloween. How do you stay so smooth looking after all of that?

Lou Temple: Well you know getting tossed around and beat up, it takes a little bit more extra work to dress well, but I take is as sort of this is Lou and that is the character over there. So I have to have something to decompress.

CL: You pull it off! It’s like you are heading to Easter Sunday service.

LT: I appreciate it. I always think it is worth while to make a good impression. A first impression is important. That is something I was taught as a young boy and I have carried that on into my adult life.

CL: Your moustache has been the source of many memes..

LT: “I moustache you a question but I will shave it for later.” Yes I think my moustache has more followers than I do on Twitter. Axels Moustache..Axels Stache I think is what it is called. I recently started wearing this on the Lone Ranger. The recent Disney film with Johnny Depp, and when I was hired for The Walking Dead I still had the moustache but I was still working on The Lone Ranger so I couldn’t shave it off. They said “No no we like your moustache,” and “I said no you were going to ask me to shave, I will pass on that job.” They said “No no, please keep your moustache and come work it.” So its been with me and now its kind of branding. It kind of stays with me literally.

CL: So now would it take a lot for you the shave it off?

LT: It might take a really good job, but I am not opposed to it. That is sort my style, to keep chameleon. To keep changing it up.

CL: You are locked in a prison during the zombie apocalypse. Where do you find the moustache wax?

LT: You know i think I had some good stash, stache-stash, in the old prison cell. You know maybe Hershel had a little bit and he let me borrow some. He had let it go, he wasn’t going to keep up with his facial hair like he should. Yeah, that was always a big question. Perfect moustache? Perfect grooming in a zombie apocalypse? But, if something is worth doing than do it right.

CL: Now Axel died in a way similar to his counterpart in the comics. Did you know what was going to happen before it happened?

LT: I was told three weeks before I left the show that I was that I was going to be exiting the show. You do this denial dance, where you try to figure something else out. A different choice. Than when you finally commit to the fact that you are going to do this, than you want to do it great. So that was really my intention, to pull off it big the way we did and to shock the audience. I was really happy that we did a good job with that. I thought we accomplished what we were trying to do.

CL: Had he not been shot, how long would he have lasted? Would he still be with them?

LT: Yeah. I feel like he would still be a part of the group and that he would be very serviceable to the group. I think he had a lot to offer in friendship and comradeship. I think he was a handy guy who could of helped them out quite a bit. You know he just wanted to fit in and kind of kept putting his best foot forward. I think he had a lot to offer.

CL: What are you working on now?

LT: I have a movie coming out called Night Moves, which is an ecological thriller about a group of people who are blowing up a dam to show the government that we shouldn't dam up our waterways. In doing so they kill a camper, Me.

CL: Spoiler Alert!

LT: Yeah, sorry. They start infighting amongst each other. The simple plan kind of backfires on them. This is with Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning and Peter Sarsgaard


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