Victoria Secret Apologizes for Headdress Native America At Fashion Show

By O'Jay Burgess on Nov 23, 2012 04:47 PM EST

Victoria Secret apologized to America's native America community for a pieced modeled at their annual fashion show in New York on Nov .7.

Model Karlie Kloss donned a Native American headdress at the event which irritated some of nation's Native American peoples.

Kloss wore a headdress full of feathers and in some Native American cultures this garb is designated for high ranking members of the community with each feather representing a deed of bravery or compassion.

According to Fox News the lingerie company swiftly issued an apology to those offended. "We sincerely apologize as we absolutely had no intention to offend anyone," the company said.

Karlie Kloss herself took to Twitter to apologize for her wearing of the controversial piece and said "deeply sorry if what I wore during the VS Show offended anyone."

Michelle Spotted Elk a woman of mixed heritage and wife to Lakota man said.

"When you see a Lakota chief wearing a full headdress, you know that he was a very honorable man. He was a leader. He did a lot of honorable things for his people. It also has religious significance. With them, there's not a division between spirituality and their leadership."

Navajo Nation spokesman said in an interview on Monday. "We have gone through the atrocities to survive and ensure our way of life continues. Any mockery, whether it's Halloween, Victoria's Secret -- they are spitting on us. They are spitting on our culture, and it's upsetting."

This isn't the first time Native American insensitivity has been on display Paul Frank Industries Inc. and the band No Doubt ran into criticism earlier this year for their use of headdresses in clothing and parties, and in a cowboys-and-Indians-themed video, respectively with the duo offering up apologies.

"We are people; we're not a fashion statement," said Jennie Luna form the Chicana and Caxcan communites.

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