VIDEO: Piano Lady Sits in East River with a Washed Up Grand, Still No One Lays Claim to Mysterious Instrument Washed Ashore

By Ian Holubiak on Jun 09, 2014 02:29 PM EDT

I remember a tour guide during my college commencement ceremony once said that if you dove into the Hudson or East rivers that you'd come out with another limb. But no one said anything about a grand piano.

A spectacle, certainly, everyone seems to be on the up about a concert grand piano that has washed up near the Brooklyn Bridge.

Apparently, per Lebrecht, a psychotherapist named Carla Mannino was biking to work on Wednesday when she saw a grand piano washed up by the East River. When she returned home, it was still there.

And as Norman calls it, in any other major city (i.e. anything European) the piano may have made for a nice restoration project for some museum.

But it isn't New York without some semblance or artifice of unusual findings (after all, the city is littered with street art and other idiosyncrasies that never quite get cleaned up).

Thus, the piano stays and some people have even taken their own approach to creating their own history with it.

Without further ado, here's an East River Piano Lady in action.

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