Cyber Monday Tips After Black Friday

By O'Jay Burgess on Nov 24, 2012 05:44 PM EST

With Black Friday a mere memory now the turn of the more tech savvy shopper is here. Cyber Monday is on Nov. 26 and they are tips that can make shoppers have a good online experience.

Ironically some shopping experts told consumers to avoid the traditional Black Friday hindrance of long lines by checking for deals online.

"Some shoppers love the Black Friday atmosphere, the chaos and excitement that come with the once-a-year shopping experience. But if that's not your thing, you should know that the vast majority of Black Friday deals offered in stores can also be had online. These deals will almost always be available to online shoppers at the same time that stores are offering their best deals," said Mark Di Vincenzo of

Cyber Monday is totally web-based and one of the tips to have a good online experience is to keep in mind the cost of shipping, a fact that is often overlooked.

Shipping costs can ruin the point of Cyber Monday for some his according to Kori Ellis of "Don't be so tempted by low sale prices that you forget about shipping, which can put prices well over the in-store cost if you aren't careful."

Another tip for Cyber Monday is to not dally at over your purchase because you're not the only one who can see the premier deal on the website even if you have the item in your online chart if you delay by the time you get to the checkout section it may be sold out.

"Unlike in-store shopping, online shopping does not guarantee that the items in your cart will be there when you're ready to check out. If you spend too much time at each site, your desired item may already be sold out," said Kori Ellis.

Other tips include: pres-hopping, know what you are going to buy don't for any seemingly good deal that comes your way because you may end up with something that you don't want. Even more importantly read reviews for websites that you decide to buy from because bad customer service normally equals terrible overall service.

Equally important is to not give up. Just because you didn't get what you wanted on Black Friday doesn't mean that there isn't something waiting for you online. More often than not companies try to restock for the coming Cyber Monday and an added bonus is that prices maybe lowered.

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