Sean Penn and Pregnant Fiancé Charlize Theron Wedding News: Boyfriend Attacks Keanu Reeves [RUMORS UPDATE]

By Shane Jordan on Jun 06, 2014 09:50 PM EDT

Rumor has it that Sean Penn and his girlfriend/finace-to-be Charlize Theron and are on track to married before the year ends. It's said that Penn is has already picked out an enjoyment ring and is ready to pop the question. Even more interesting are the whispers, not that Charlie is pregnant, but the couple are expecting to adopt another child, perhaps from Haiti, to join Theron's son Jackson as baby number two. The only problem in the near future seems to be to who gets invited to the wedding. Charlize is still very close to former boyfriend Keanu Reeves, and would doubtlessly want him at the wedding. But that won't sit well with the middle-aged paparazzi attacker. It is said that Sean is less than thrilled that Charlize even talks to the Matrix star, and there is no way he'd be happy to see him dressed in a tux at their wedding.

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn seem to be avoiding the constant end fighting and melodrama that sunk their other relationships, until now.

An insider told Star Magazine that the aging alpha male's fight or flight response starts to rear its ugly head when he thinks about a younger more virile Hollywood stud sauntering around his women:

"Sean's incredibly intimidated by her friendship with Keanu, even though she says he is like a brother to her.

"Charlize would love it if they could still hang out and hates that he son, Jackson, will be missing out on seeing his 'uncle Kanu,' but Sean's not having any of it.

"Sean doesn't want him near her again."

An insider told OK! Magazine that it's true that Keanu still has feelings for Charlie, but he would never do anything to cross the line:

"To see her falling in love with Sean is really hurting him.

"They have been secretly on-and-off for so long, I think he thought they would eventually end up together for good...If Charlize felt overwhelmed or sad, she knew she could confide in Keanu.

"He's a little heartbroken, [but] of course Keanu wants Charlize to be happy."

Charlize trying to decide which one of these geriatrics she wants to spend the rest of her life with, is kind of like trying to decide which row boat you're going to use to cross the Atlantic.

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