‘Big Bang Theory’ Feet Kaley Cuoco Haircut and Married Ryan Sweeting Haunted House Video Interview [UPDATE]

By Shane Jordan on Jun 07, 2014 09:32 PM EDT

Big Bang Theory's Priceline Penny actress Kaley Cuoco and her husband, tennis pro Ryan Sweeting, moved into a new pad after their New Year's wedding, but according to reports quickly had its bad energy exorcised. The newly married couple's home wasn't haunted by the sounds of disembodied feet running the halls or ghostly laughter or anything like that. The Twitter haircut model, Kaley, is said to have feared that her house was filled with the bad vides of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian's divorce split. But all that bad juju didn't stop the topless Instagram goddess from conducting a video interview from her closet.

Big Bang Theory eye candy Kaley Cuoco didn't want to take any chances with her perfect relationship with hubby Ryan Sweeting, so she reportedly got someone in there to help get the bad energy out, of their new house.

An insider told In Touch that it really wasn't anything to major they just wanted to make sure there was enough room for all the negative energy to get out--or someone like that:

"They hired a feng shui expert ti restore the positive energy...Kailey doesn't want their future affected by anything left behind."

Now for sast-mate Jim Parson and his long-time partner Tom, the demons of relationships past can only be scared off by smoke and fire--kind of like the Game of Throne's Lord of Light.

A friend told Star Magazine that when Jim got ready to get Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson's old demons out their house, they had to get their lighters ready:

"They aren't completely superstitious, but they're aware of what happened to Rob and Kristen's relationship. They don't want bad luck themselves.

"[They] scrub the floors with witch-hazel, burn sage throughout the house, and say a prayer to dispel harmful energy."

Dear god...what did they do to the floors that you had to give it a cosmic scrubbing to get it out.

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