Classicalite's Five Best: Pole Dancing Musicians on YouTube

By Brick Dozer and Christian Rockafeller on Jun 19, 2014 03:23 PM EDT

Ahh, yes, the time-honored tradition of pole dancing.

While playing an instrument.

Or at least aspiring to such. 

Here, then, are Classicalite's Five Best (or Classicalite's Five Worst, depending on how you like it) we found languishing on YouTube.


Marcy Richardson gives us a lot to Handel, indeed.


 Bolero? More like a boler-no from one Dana Hesse.


A leitmotif in briefs? OK, maybe. Nice embouchure, bro.


Great, now switch places. Let's see what the blonde can do...


Slightly cheating on this one, but since Ms. Sweeney attributes Pachelbel's Canon in D to Bach (Johann, C.P.E.?) here, well, so be it.

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