HBO ‘Daily Show’ John Oliver Attacks Dr. Mehmet Oz Magic Diet Smoothie Show After Senate Hearing Epic Fail [VIDEO UPDATE]

By Shane Jordan on Jun 28, 2014 10:54 PM EDT

British Daily Show with John Stewart alum and host of HBO's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver decided to give it to Dr. Oz with both barrels last Sunday night. The satirist called attention to Mehmet's embarrassing Senate hearing, where he had his integrity questioned by the United States highest house of all people. Namely what the FTC and Mr. Oliver take issue with is Oz' episodes wherein her touted the miracle diet effects of green coffee smoothies as the key to sustainable long-term weight loss--though it has reportedly since been determined the substance actually bring about the symptoms of early on-set diabetes in patients.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Oprah Winfrey's one-time golden child, has the ability to increase the sales of any product--be it cows or cow-pies--merely by mentioning it in a favorable light on his day time talk show, Dr. Oz Show.

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill directly called Oz out for his dangerously mixing marketing message with medicine, in order to make a buck (via NBC News):

"When you feature a product on your show it creates what has become known as the Dr. Oz Effect--dramatically boosting sales and driving scam artists to pop up overnight using false and deceptive ads to sell questionable products.

"I am concerned that you are melding medical advice, news, and entertainment in a way that harms consumers."

And Senator McCaskill wasn't the only person to voice their concern at Dr. Oz' negligible business ethics.

Former Daily Show fixture and current host of HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, John Oliver, devoted an entire sixteen minute segment of his show to ridicule Dr. Oz pandering--involving everyone form a tap dancing Steve Buscemi to an agitated George R.R. Martin.

In the end Oliver determined that if Dr. Oz was going to continue to keep his show on the air in its current format, then he should at least change the title of the show to reflect something for in sync with its mission statement:

"Check This Shit Out With Some Guy Named Mehmet"

That new name really doesn't sound half bad.

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