Michael Vick Dog Fighting Ring Protests After Comedy Explosion In Shreveport As Teammates Remember Madden

By Drew Jacobs on Jun 29, 2014 07:25 PM EDT

Michael Vick's past is coming back to bite him, so to speak. The veteran quarterback, who just signed with the Jets, is still being reminded that he was convicted in 2007 of operating a dog-fighting ring. As if he could forget. When Vick set out to organize a comedy special for charity in Shreveport, a group of animal lovers started a Facebook group to protest the event. The Comedy Explosion is set to go down July 12 but protesters are not happy, especially with his choice of venue. For all the hate and drama going on with the event, Vick must be amused that some of his teammates remember playing Vick in their Madden football games.

The Strand Theater is a non-profit venue often used for charity events, however, the upcoming "Comedy Explosion" organized by Michael Vick is going to face some heat (via Shreveport Times):

"'We're not going to turn our backs on our furry friends with no voices,' said Emily Daye, the organizer of the Facebook page Protest Michael Vick Coming to the Strand Theater. 'You can put in face time, you can throw money at a problem, but it doesn't necessarily just go away.'"

Though it often seems like it, not everyone hates Michael Vick. Take his teammate Tommy Bohanon. Bohanon remembers using Vick's character when he used to play the Madden Football video games (via Yahoo Sports):

"'He's one of the most electrifying players at his position. It's exciting,' Bohanon said. 'In Madden, I played with him when he was with the Falcons and then when he went to the Eagles.

"'I don't play much anymore. Probably up till a couple years ago, like my final year of college. I'd say he was one of the most fun to play with. You could have him drop back to throw and then have an 80-yard run. I think he still can do that, he's very fast, still very quick. It's exciting to see what he can do.'"

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