‘The View’ Whoopi Goldberg Begs for Firing with Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd; Ross Mathews Hired? [VIDEO NEWS]

By Shane Jordan on Jul 05, 2014 08:51 PM EDT

The producers of day time talk show The View have cleaned house, reportedly firing Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd after supposedly forcing Barbara Walters into an early retirement from the series. Word has it that, conversely, Whoopi Goldberg has practically been begging to be fired after execs reneged on their deal to have her host a late night show after Jimmy Kimmel. According to the rumors New Kids on the Block's Donnie Wahlberg's fiancé Jenny McCarthy wasn't singled out for her stance on autism per se. The oft topless and nude Playboy playmate was said to have been let go because audiences didn't like her, whether that was because of her propaganda about life-saving vaccines retarding the mental growth of children is anyone guess. Sherri, no doubt fearing her impending divorce to Lamar Sally, is said to have made a play for more money that resulted in her termination. It has been suggested that Chelsea Handler comedic favorite Ross Mathew will be hired for the new direction that the new season is going in, but nothing has been confirmed about the new replacements as of yet.

Despite being the only one from the previous season to have survived the vicious purge of '14, View host Whoopi Goldberg reportedly wishes that she ahd been fired instead of everyone else.

An insider who spoke to Star Magazine for their July 14 print edition claims that Goldberg hates her job, regardless of the unbelievable pay she is reportedly getting;

"Whoopi signed for a gour0year contract that earns $5 million a year...[but] she only did it bwacuse the network said they were going to help her get a late-night show after Jimmy Kimmel.

"But once she signed the contract, they dumped the late-night plan.

"She's miserable...and says so."

According to the insider, who spoke with the publication, Jenny McCarthy got sacked because she's awful, not because of her awful ideas:

"Jenny was upset about getting fired because she had just moved her son to New York.

"She was well liked, but the ratings were flat.

"They were anticipating a lot of competition from the new talk show Tyra Banks id doing and felt she wasn't working."

The insider swears that Chelsea Lately regular Ross Mathew is almost a shoe-in to her the new job--though it too is going to make Whoopi ever-more miserable:

"Whoopi has made it clear she doesn't really want a guy on the show."

Sounds like his View incarceration is starting to make Whoopi mean.

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