'Amish Mafia' Set To Debut On Discovery Tonight (TRAILER)

By O'Jay Burgess on Dec 11, 2012 11:05 AM EST

The Discovery channel is set to air yet another reality show that offers a look into the world of the Amish a culture that has been getting a lot of exposure over the past few years. But unlike other networks, the educational channel is offering what some would say a darker show.

Starting Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. ET, the Discovery channel will offer a preview of their "Amish Mafia," series, which will air regularly on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET.

The "Amish Mafia," is a show that follows a band of Amish men that are enforcers of Amish morality and take care of personal and communal squabbles. TLC's "Breaking Amish" was a breakout hit, and now Discovery is looking to enter the private world of one America's most isolated communities.

According to NY Daily NewsDolores Gavin, senior vice president of development at TLC, said the original motivation for picking up "Amish Mafia" was to give an audience something they'd never seen.

"We want to explore things people are curious about," she said.

"Amish Mafia," is ran by a man called Lebanon Levi who admits he "resolves," issues in Amish society.

"I think people understand today that 'Mafia' doesn't just mean Italians from the 1950s," Gavin said. "This is a group that performs certain functions within the community and in return derives power."

Gavin explained why a community that's not known for aggression would have such men in its ranks.

"Since the Amish tend to be passive, people outside sometimes take advantage of them," she said. "And since the Amish don't go to the police, Levi provides a way to handle things like this inside the community."

The show is set in the Amish stronghold of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Amish pride themselves on their ultra secretive and conservative ways and try to live their lives in strict accordance of with the Bible. Most Amish groups deprive themselves of many of the excesses of the modern world like electricity and motorized vehicles.

Amish Mafia Trailer

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