Is Shaun White Retiring From Snowboarding After Fling With Fellow Snow Shredder Torah Bright?

By Drew Jacobs on Jul 19, 2014 07:25 AM EDT

Olympic gold medalist Shaun White is spending so much time with his band Bad Things, people may start to wonder whether he is retiring from snowboarding. While that is not necessarily the case, as he gets older, it may be the perfect transition for the constantly moving White. The band is tailor made for indie pop festivals and such, and will probably be around for a while, but for now White is still splitting his time between the stage and the slopes. White was already a rock star before, so the lady situation is probably pretty hectic, but apparently White managed a low-profile fling with fellow high-profile snow shredder Torah Bright some years back.

When summertime rolls around, Shaun White likes to put his snowboard aside and compete in skateboarding events. Last month he hit up Maryland's Ocean City Boardwalk, who were hosting a stop on the Dew Tour for the fourth year in a row (via Del Marva Now):

"I was blown away, because you're just driving along and there are all of these cornfields and stuff, and out of nowhere comes this place. I've liked getting used to some of the places the Dew Tour has gone, but I'm glad to switch it up and be at the beach. While we were eating dinner, I just got to see all these people running around. I'm sure it's more hectic right now because the Dew Tour is in town, but this is a really cool place."

While White is splitting his focus between snowboarding, skateboarding and rocking out, it would be a miracle if he could find time or energy to have a girlfriend, but according to fellow snowboarder Torah Bright, the two used to be an item back in the day (via The Daily Telegraph):

"'Well, we were kids once, Shaun and I ...' Bright said.

"'Yeah. I've never spoken about it ... Shaun and I were two of a few kids at the time on tour ... we were 16! Shaun's a great guy and he is who portrays himself to be; he's goofy and fun!'"

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