'Frozen' Disney Princess Leaves Game of Thrones' Westeros for 'Orange is the New Black' Spoof

By Ian Holubiak on Jul 22, 2014 01:56 PM EDT

Disney princesses have become Game of Thrones incarnations hailing all the way from Westeros, and now they have their latest spoof: Orange is the New Black.

If you haven't caught up on the Netflix phenom, Litchfield is a prison from the show that harbors all the convicts and acts as a stage for the lesbian-slinging, hierarchy-driven, all-purpose prison com-dram.

And now--if one can believe it--OITNB will hold up some Disney starlets.

Elsa, from Frozen, takes on Piper as they are both the big roles (and over-privileged blondes) that have a hard time acclimating themselves to the prison standard.

Snow White takes on Morello and Merida from Brave beats out Ariel for the redheaded chef.

Less diverse, maybe, but seeing Disney princesses in plastic orange smocks and foul-mouthing one another is too hysterical to pass up for some other viral drivel.

Frozen is the New Black comes courtesy of YouTuber Leigh Lahav, who also coined the hilarious 2013 Hobbit-Mean Girls spoof, Mean Elves.

It got me out of my funk, and it should you. Check it out below...

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