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John Cage's Unique Silent Comp '4'33

John Cage's Unique Silent Comp. '4'33"' Gets Auto-Tuned Rendition >>

There is a never-ending interest in John Cage and his silent composition "4'33"." So while the composer may have coined an iPhone app for the piece, thus a new "Auto-Tuned" version of the composition has surfaced on the Internet. Via Disinformation, the new piece has an Auto-Tuned surface, taking the environmental sounds essential to the piece's performance to a whole new level. Aphex Twin probably would have a ball with the idea. As "C-lite" has previously said, the "silence" of the piece does not contend with the rests and caesuras from the likes of Bach, Beethoven or even the Wandelweiser Group.

What's That Sound?: John Cage's Silent Masterpiece, 4'33", Becomes iPhone App for Users Around the World >>

That Buddhist rascal John C-A-G-E is back up and mobile once again. Don't bother with turning up the volume on your device, though. The infamous 4'33" doesn't so much touch on the musical landscape as it does a more environmental one.

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