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A.J. Weberman

Raw and Rare Audio Recordings of Bob Dylan in 1971 Denouncing Trash Sleuth and Obsessed Fan A.J. Weberman

Audio Recordings of Bob Dylan in 1971 Denounce Trash Sleuth, Obsessed Fan A.J. Weberman >>

For now and eternity, there is something fascinating about Bob Dylan and the shroud he is disguised in. If you are into this sort of thing, there are some recordings of Dylan being an everyday Joe — that is, Ubuweb has unearthed some unprecedented audio that tells of an argument between the Tambourine Man and A.J. Weberman in 1971. It is an intricate conversation that concerns Dylan being misquoted during an interview — naturally — and that he was not attuned to it being an interview that was on the record. There is a tension, obviously, but if you are not in the know, Weberman became infamous for being a trash sleuth, often stealing sundries from the Tambourine Man's trash and selling them. Insane indeed, but these archival tapes are worth taking a listen to. There is a humbleness to hearing how Dylan describes himself, Johnny Cash and Albert Grossman, and he even shows his humility toward the security of his children.

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