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Absolute Jest

John Adams (Composer)

REVIEW: Beethoven Influences 'John Adams: Absolute Jest & Grand Pianola Music' >>

Diving in as close to an artist's mind as possible is an obsession for most art-lovers. For musicians, our heroes of composition are especially aloof because of the language they use: a language that exists to say what words could never say. This makes it extremely difficult to get inside their head... yet we always feel like we know them. Composer John Adams seems to feel this way towards Beethoven, as he told Classical NPR's 'Deceptive Cadence'. When examining the influence of Beethoven in John Adams's latest album, 'Absolute Jest & Grand Pianola Music', the first of its two pieces (his eponymous concerto) could almost be likened to a matryoshka doll, or "nesting" doll.

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