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Adam Sliwinski

PREMIERE: Sō's Adam Sliwinski Plays Dan Trueman's Étude #4 from 'Nostalgic Synchronic'

PREMIERE: Watch Adam Sliwinski Play Dan Trueman's "Marbles" Étude on bitKlavier (New Amsterdam) >>

It's been 11 whole months, yes, since we first saw Sō Percussion's Adam Sliwinski's cross-handed study of Dan Trueman's bitKlavier. Shot then by Troy Herion, with Silwinski patched into his Princeton colleague's "prepared digital piano" via Casio USB for prelude-only, with all the bugs beta-ed out now, watch Silwinski's Roland A-88 shake under the more progressive hammer action of "Marbles"--directed by Evan Chapman. Like Ligeti's last Grawemeyer étude for Boulez from Book One, but played by the Synclavier I from Boulez conducts Zappa, lest you think Dan Trueman's lost his own here, well, just press play.

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