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Sonia Marie De León de Vega Bringing Classical Music to L.A. Latinos, One Family at a Time >>

Maestra Sonia Marie De León de Vega takes the stage. She's greeted with enthusiastic applause from an audience of families with young children, teenagers and young adults. About 80 percent of the audience members are Latino. The unusual demographics of this concert, presented by the Santa Cecilia Orchestra in Los Angeles last season, are the result De León de Vega's tireless effort and advocacy.

LIVESTREAM: Julian Jacobson Playing All 32 Beethoven Sonatas in a Single Day >>

Pianist Julian Jacobson's amazing Beethoven marathon in London is available, for free, via Livestream.

Osmo Vänskä Conducting Farewell Concerts with Minnesota Orchestra Musicians >>

Although he resigned as music director on October 1, Osmo Vänskä will lead the musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra one more time (in two concerts) scheduled for this Friday and Saturday.

Osmo Vänskä Walks, It's All Over for Minnesota Orchestra >>

It's all over in Minnesota, at least as far as their distinguished Finnish conductor is concerned. The thing that many locals had dreaded has come to pass: Osmo Vänskä has resigned as music director of the Minnesota Orchestra, effecive immediately.

The Column: Met Opera Protests, Lots of Questions, But One Definite Answer >>

Anti-Putin protests at Met Opera raise many issues, but they crossed a line.

"A Jesuit Must Be Creative" - Pope Francis Reveals His Tastes in Classical Music >>

During his first long interview, Pope Francis revealed his tastes in music, art and literature, confirming earlier reports that he is an opera fan.

Cleveland Orchestra’s Beethoven and Shostakovich Festival Explores Themes of Freedom and Resistance >>

The Stanley Kubrick film 'A Clockwork Orange' will be shown during the Cleveland Orchestra's festival "Fate and Freedom: Music of Beethoven and Shostakovich" on October 22-26.

Gay American Organist Cameron Carpenter Liberating the Instrument from Itself >>

"The organ is actually the ultimate example of a public can play to the greatest number of people at the lowest cost." -- Cameron Carpenter

International Beethoven Project's Chicago Festival,

International Beethoven Project's Chicago Festival, "LOVE 2013," Explores Multiple Themes >>

Apropos of the great composer, himself, the third annual Beethoven Festival in Chicago will explore themes of love, religion, suffering and the path of the true artist.

Beethoven’s 'Moonlight Sonata' No. 14, Op. 27...the Kobe Bryant, NBA 2013 Version >>

Kobe Bryant, superstar basketball player, apparently likes to relax with a bit of Beethoven--played, at least sometimes, by himself. He's even appeared in a Lenovo commercial tinkling the ivories in music by the composer, although, strangely, when Classicalite went to YouTube to grab the vid to share with you, it had been taking down pending a copyright-related complaint.

Five Quickies: Wynton Marsalis Touring 'Abyssinian,' 'Amélie' on Broadway, Dave Mustaine's San Diego Symphony, George Fetner's Kickstarter, Beethoven on Theremin >>

And with the world's best musicians, singers, dancers and actors going back to repertory work after their summer stocks, there's more good news happening now than there was, say, back in June.

Classicalite’s Five Best: Funny Classical Music Videos [POLL] >>

Louise Burton can't stop laughing at YouTube clips of: Mnozil Brass, Canadian Brass, Monty Python, Mr. Bean and Victor Borge.

Five Freebies: Muti's Verdi, 'Noye's Fludde,' Beethoven, David Aaron Carpenter, Domingo's Verdi

Five Freebies: Muti's Verdi, 'Noye's Fludde,' Beethoven, David Aaron Carpenter, Domingo's Verdi >>

It's always nice to get something for nothing, especially something as enriching as great music. And outreach projects increasingly mean that there are amazing freebies to be had. We've collated five of the best current and upcoming offers for you.

McDonalds Using Classical Music to Fight the Thugs >>

While it's always good to hear about people turning to classical music, we're not sure what to think about the news that a branch of McDonalds is to play the classics as a way of persuading local thugs to stay away. Talk about a back-handed compliment...

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