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Director Duncan Jones and father David Bowie

‘Lazarus’ & ‘Blackstar’ David Bowie Leaves Children Duncan & Alexandria Zahra Jones 25 Percent of Estate in Will >>

David Bowie left his millions and millions of fans with two amazing goodbye gifts, the off-Broadway musical 'Lazarus' and the new album 'Blackstar.' New details about the legendary rockers funeral are willa are starting to come out and we are getting to see how his family laid him to rest and what he left his two children, ('Warcraft' co-writer and director) Duncan Jones and Alexandria Zahra Jones. According to the BBC Bowie’s willed both his children 25 percent of his estate.

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‘Lazarus’ & ‘Blackstar’ David Bowie’s Doctor Gives Death Details in Thank You Letter >>

David Bowie prepared for his death by giving fans two amazing farewell gifts, the new album 'Blackstar' and the off-Broadway musical 'Lazarus.' David also planned his own peaceful passing at home. Recently, Bowie’s palliative care consultant Dr Mark Taubert penned a thank you letter where he gave some new details about his death.

Director Duncan Jones and father David Bowie

‘Lazarus’ David Bowie’s Son Duncan Jones Shares Doctor’s Thank You Letter: Calls ‘Blackstar’ “Death Art” >>

David Bowie may have left us, but he gave us something to remember him by. In addition to all the works from his storied career, Bowie also said goodbye with an all new album, 'Blackstar'and the new off-Broadway musical, 'Lazarus.' Now, David Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, has shared a thank you letter that his doctor wrote in honor of the legendary icon. In the letter, Dr Mark Taubert gives thanks to Bowie for life’s work as well what he calls “death art.”

David Bowie Announces Avant-Garde Jazz Album 'Blackstar' Due January 8

‘Lazarus’s/ David Bowie Lives On: Recorded Five Extra Tracks Before Cancer Death >>

David Bowie’s 'Blackstar' album and off-Broadway musical 'Lazarus' was one bittersweet goodbye to his fans, who had no idea the legendary musician was dying of cancer. However, it has recently been revealed that Bowie was planning more. Bowie has recorded demos for five extra tracks in what he was hoping to turn into another full album.

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SiriusXM Honors ‘Lazarus’ David Bowie with New Channel Featuring ‘Blackstar’ & Covers Songs >>

SiriusXM radio Channel 30 has currently been taken over by tributes to David Bowie. The iconic rocker and actor passed away earlier this week after battling cancer. Now you can hear some of his greatest hits spanning his entire career up to the his farewell release 'Blackstar' streaming on satellite radio. The channel is also playing cover tracks of some of Bowie’s best from artist like Barbra Streisand, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana and the late Scott Weiland as well as many more. Check out the report below for all the info. Songs from Bowie’s legendary catalog also live on in the form of the off-Broadway jukebox musical 'Lazarus' starring 'Dexter 'and 'Hedwig' star Michael C. Hall.

Vanity Fair 2007 Tribeca Film Festival Party

Watch David Bowie Become a Madman in Music Video for 'Lazarus' >>

When news of David Bowie's album Blackstar came out, there was an air of skepticism surrounding the aging musician's capability. His video for the single "Lazarus" proves he is still a contender in pop culture.

2010 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals

David Bowie Premieres "Lazarus" Single From Upcoming Jazz Album 'Blackstar' >>

Following a release earlier this year, in which David Bowie debuted the title track from his upcoming album 'Blackstar,' now comes the second installment. The new single "Lazarus" has finally premiered via BBC Radio 6 Music and is emblematic of his upcoming musical endeavor.

David Bowie Announces Avant-Garde Jazz Album 'Blackstar' Due January 8

Thin White Kook: David Bowie Releasing Avant-Garde Jazz Album, 'Blackstar' >>

David Bowie is in a constant state of metamorphosis--and in continuing his preservation, Mr. Stardust has announced a new jazz album to be released in January. The album will be entitled 'Blackstar.'

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