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Michael Gallant

BLOGARRHEA: Jazz Jamboree with Michael Gallant, Alphonse Mouzon, Clark Terry and Ben Monder >>

Keyboardist Michael Gallant is 'Live Plus One" as he puts grunge in his funk and Harlem stride. Drummer Alphonse Mouzon helped pioneer fusion in the 1970s. His '77 'Virtue' with sax man Gary Bartz has been re-released. Long out-of-print ballad masterpiece 'Clark After Dark' also sees new light with the late trumpeter Clark Terry on flugelhorn throughout. And guitarist Ben Monder duets with the late drum legend Paul Motian on ECM's `Amorphae.'

Ochion Jewell

Blogarrhea: A True Crime Story Turns Into Great Art...Meet Ochion Jewell >>

This week's Blogarrhea takes a look at a unique case of almost-tragic true crime turned into great art. Saxophonist Ochion Jewell was the victim of police brutality who sued the NYPD, settled out-of-court and used the proceeds to fund the recording and the self-release of his second CD, 'VOLK.' It just happens to be an uncategorizable pastiche of folk, jazz, classical, prog rock and world, without succumbing to standard fusion or traditional worldbeat.

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