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Alexander Hamilton

'Hamilton' Making History >>

Never has Alexander Hamilton been so popular. If there is a heaven and, we assume that both Alexander Hamilton and his arch-rival Thomas Jefferson are both in heaven, What do you suppose the subjet of the hit Broadway show thinks about his life being so trivialized? Probably, not all that much. One could almost hear Alexander Hamilton exclaim, "I started most of the institutions in this country and all I got was a damn musical for it."

B.D. Wong

From Broadway to 'Gotham' Tony Winner BD Wong Turned Super Villain Hugo Strange >>

Fans of comic book TV shows/movies and musical theater have a lot in common. Both the theater and comics require a rather large central conceit,(breaking out into song and dance and super natural powers, respectively), but offer you an inside glance at some pretty detailed characters. Action figures allow kids to take control of their favorite hero and community theater gives actors a chance to step into the shoes of their favorite character. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many musical theater actors also cross over into the world of superhero TV shows/movies. Hugh Jackman is famous for playing both Peter Allan in The 'Boy From Oz' and Wolverine in the 'X-Men' series. Many of his fellow X-Men are also know to break out into song and dance. The list could go on for days. Tonight we focus on on Tony winner turned supervillain. B.D. Wong ('M. Butterfly,' 'You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown') recently joined the cast of Fox’s 'Gotham' as the demented Doctor Hugo Strange. Check out the report below for a look at Wong as Strange.


The Pen or the Sword: ‘Walking Dead’ Michonne Danai Gurira’s ‘Eclipsed’ Lands on Broadway >>

While 'Walking Dead' fans were tuning in to watch Michonne chop a few zombies in half last Sunday, Michonne actress Danai Gurira’s play 'Eclipsed' was debuting on Broadway. Guria wields both the pen and the sword, acting and writing.

Liza Minnelli

Broadway Legend Liza Minnelli Turns 70 Years Old >>

“What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play!” That is right. Broadway and film icon, Liza Minnelli has just turned 70 years old today (March 12). The daughter of the legendary Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli, Liza made a name for herself winning one Oscar, two Tonys, One Emmy and One Legendary Grammy award. Liza’s many awards puts her in rare company of other E.G.O.T. (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) winners.

Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels Returns to Broadway in ‘Blackbird’ Opening Tonight >>

Jeff Daniels ('Newsroom') is making his return to Broadway. Daniel’s new play Blackbird officially opens on tonight. Daniels has previously earned a Tony Award nomination for Best Actor for his role in God of Carnage.

Lou Diamond Phillips

Lou Diamond Phillips Play 'Burning Desire' Makes Debut >>

Lou Diamond Phillips' career has somehow for decades now managed to avoid the death knell. No matter how many times it has looked as if the end were near, he has managed to rebound and go in a different direction. The new Lou Diamond Phillips is a Tony Award Nominee and, now, a playwright as well. His play, Burning Desire is set to debut at the Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury, Ct. Once again, Phillips' career is alive and healthy.

2nd Annual unite4:humanity Presented By ALCATEL ONETOUCH - Show

Forest Whitaker’s Broadway Debut in ‘Hughie’ Canceled >>

It looks like Forest Whitaker’s Broadway debut is not going to be a long one. Originally scheduled to run till June 12, the revival of Eugene O'Neill's 'Hughie' will close later this month after only 55 performances which preview performances. The early closure is reportedly due to lack of advanced ticket sales, despite positive reviews.


‘Disaster!’ Cast Preview New Musical on ‘Today Show’ Before Broadway Opening >>

'Disaster!' is currently in preview on Broadway, but you don’t have to make it to NYC in order to get a taste of the new musical. Recently, Seth Rudetsky and the rest of the cast appeared on 'The Today Show' where they previewed the show for all of America to see.

American Psycho the Musical

Bret Easton Ellis Talks Modern Day Patrick Bateman Before ‘American Psycho the Musical' Opens on Broadway >>

Ben Walker is getting ready slay them on Broadway in 'American Psycho the Musical.' Walker is playing Patrick Bateman, the role made famous by Christian Bale in the Recently, author Bret Easton Ellis addressed a question that has been plaguing fans of 'American Psycho' for decades. That question is where is Patrick Bateman now?

Julianne Hough, Derek Hough

Derek Hough Goes From ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to ‘Singing in the Rain’ >>

'Grease: Live’s' Julianne Hough isn’t the only member of her family tackling a classic musical. Hough’s brother and fellow Dancing with the Stars' pro Derek Hough is will be feeling that glorious feeling as far as Don Lockwood in Singin' in the Rain. Producer Harvey Weinstein ('Finding Neverland') will be bringing the show, currently produced at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris to Broadway as part of the 2016-17 season.


Saoirse Ronan Charms Oscar Audiences Before ‘Crucible’ Broadway Previews >>

Saoirse Ronan ('Brooklyn') may have lost the Best Actress Oscar to Brie Larson but that didn’t stop her from winning over the hearts of viewers all over the globe. The Irish-American actress charmed viewers at home from the red carpet in an interview with, professional microphone holder and talker into-er, Ryan Seacrest. Ronan is currently gearing up to star in the Broadway revival of 'The Crucible,' which was set to start previews tonight, but has been pushed back so Ronan could attend the ceremonies. The official opening for the show has also been pushed back.

John Owen-Jones

‘Phantom of The Opera’ John Owen-Jones Bringing Home Jean Valjean After Alfie Boe Exit >>

Alfie Boe is stepping down from the lead role as Jean Valjean in 'Les Miserables' on Broadway. Jean Valjean fans have no fear, John Owen-Jones ('Phantom of The Opera') will be taking over the role of prisoner 24601.

American Psycho the Musical

‘American Psycho’ Writer Bret Easton Ellis Talks Patrick Bateman in Modern Day Before Musical Opens >>

'American Psycho the Musical' is finally making it’s way to Broadway, 25 years after the release of Bret Easton Ellis novel. The musical opened in London in 2013 and starred 'Doctor Who' vet Matt Smith. Ben Walker, who played the show’s star Patrick Bateman in the New York workshop will be stepping back into the role. Recently, Bret Easton Ellis praised Walker as the new Bateman. Ellis also gave fans a little insight into where Bateman would be if the show was set in the modern day.

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell

Steve Martin & Edie Brickell’s New Musical ‘Bright Star’ Begins Broadway Previews Before March Opening >>

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell’s new musical 'Bright Star' has officially hit Broadway. The new show by the Grammy award winners began previews this past Thursday, Feb 25 ahead of the show’s March 24 opening.

2nd Annual unite4:humanity Presented By ALCATEL ONETOUCH - Show

Eugene O’Neill’s ‘Hughie’ with Forest Whitaker Opens on Broadway >>

The revivel of Eugene O’Neill’s 'Hughie' official opens tonight on Broadway. . This play features only two actors, Oscar Winner Forest Whitaker ('The Last King of Scotland') as Ernie Smith and and Tony Award winner Frank Wood ('Side Man') as a night clerk. 25 tickets for each performance are being sold at $25 dollars making Hughie possibly one of the most affordable shows on Broadway.

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