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Daniel Bennett Group

'Sinking Houseboat Confusion' by the Daniel Bennett Group

REVIEW: Daniel Bennett Group, 'Sinking Houseboat Confusion,' Manhattan Daylight Media >>

The finer aspects of both jazz and rock are well-represented in the Daniel Bennett Group's 'Sinking Houseboat Confusion' (Manhattan Daylight Media). This exquisitely talented New York City musician-alto saxophone, flute, clarinet, piano, oboe-is on his seventh all-original CD-produced by MP Kuo-fusing widely disparate elements into a cohesive entertaining whole.

Daniel Bennett Group

REVIEW: Daniel Bennett Group, 'The Mystery at Clown Castle,' Manhattan Daylight Media >>

There's no telling what you're going to hear on a Daniel Bennett Group CD. For his sixth such excursion into the realms of fantasy, spoken-word charisma, swing, post-bop, jazz-rock fusion and progressive instrumental pop, Bennett, a saxophonist by trade, leads his mighty quartet into more unknown directions. The 11 Bennett originals are trippy reminders why there's no ceiling today on the creativity of young adventurous jazzers...especially in New York City, the jazz capital of the world. Welcome to 'The Mystery of Clown Castle' (Manhattan Daylight Media).

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